Kacen- 9 Months Old- WV Baby Photographer

Here is sweet Kacen… who is (almost) nine months old!


I enjoyed every second of photographing this sweet baby boy.


During our whole session he never even cried once!

He was so snuggly and so stinking cute!!


I just could not get enough of this sweet face!


Legg Family- Twins Eight Months Old- Look How They Have Grown.

Remember these sweet faces? One of my favorite newborn shots ever!

ImageCan you believe how much eight months can really make a difference?


Every time I have the chance of photographing a family it really is the ultimate compliment. These sweet babies (Kamden and Avery- Eight Months Old) are absolutely no exception. It has been such a true joy to see them grow into their own little people. They have such vibrant but different personalities.


Avery is a true go getter who is always on the move. She is absolutely one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever had the chance of photographing <3.


Kamden is much more laid back. He is such a content little boy. I love photographing those sweet chunky cheeks!


They are easily one of the most breathtaking families I have ever had the chance of photographing!

Thank you Kace, Jade, Kamden, and Avery for letting me be a part of your lives 🙂