Welcome To The World Owen- Owen Webb Newborn- Beckley Newborn Photographer

I got to spend my evening with the SWEETEST 10.3 pound little blessing.


He was ten days old but what a dream!!! He was one of the sweetest little babies ever.


He was a GREAT sleeper and easy to pose!


Check out his BEAUTIFUL hair


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Welcome to the world baby Leland (13 days old)- Beckley Newborn Photographer

ImageAs with most newborn sessions, I followed up with mom before the session… I am going to be honest- I was a little nervous! Mom had said that he loved being held! Well- he came ready for his session! He was one of my calmest, sweetest, sleepiest babies EVER!!




Welcome to the World, Lennox <3- Beckley Newborn Photography

So I want to give you a little background…. Nate and Bethany were one of my favorite maternity sessions to date!


Remember them?
They were so in love and so excited to meet their sweet baby boy!!

I now want to introduce you to Lennox
Their sweet baby boy ❤


I seriously fell in love with him… He had the dreamiest eye lashes and dimples I have ever seen!


Look at his sweet face!


He absolutely LOVED being held and he loves his mama…(isnt she absolutely breath taking!!)

Last but not least
Here is sweet baby lennox and his best buddy Blaze

Remember you can always include your pets at no extra charge 🙂



Welcome to the World, Eli! Two Weeks Old. Beckley West Virginia Newborn Photographer.

I have never been more excited to share a  newborn session with you.

I love outdoor newborn sessions…

There is something rugged.


There is something magical.



There is something organic.



There is something beautiful


There is something amazing.


I love detail shots… It helps remember those tiny little moments. They grow SO fast.

Eli was such a great baby… Two weeks old and slept like a champ!


Thank you so much for letting me help you preserve this special time…


Welcome to the world Peter! Weaver Newborn.

So today is one of those days that I am so thankful that I get to do what I love. I am up visiting my family in P.A. Both of sister’s have had babies over the past few weeks and I have been totally enjoying the time with them (blog post to follow with pictures of the cousins).  I am so humbled when a family chooses me to photograph their newborn. I am even more excited because I got chosen to photograph this baby from 2 states away! I was so excited when I first started talking to Caitlyn!

I want to introduce to the world sweet baby Peter!


He was one of my biggest babies weighing in at right at nine pounds!

He was such a dream to photograph… He was so sweet and relaxed the whole session!


Check out these beautiful older sisters… I have never seen a six year old and one year old so madly in love with a younger sibling

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McKenzie Shea- Outdoor Newborn Session- West Virginia Newborn Photographer

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So as most of you know newborns are kinda  my thing… This is where my creative side runs wild.. When I meet a family as flexible and adventurous as I am that is when the magic really happens… First of all, you should know that my working relationship with this family spans over the course of about two years (my very first outdoor newborn session was her brother). We had SUCH a good time. It was a beautiful evening.. She was a dream to photograph… Slept like a champ! I could have photographed this sweet baby girl all day!!!! Check out http://www.andreamartinphotographwv.com for more information on booking your outdoor newborn session for only $150.

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Birth- Photography Special

Being in the room when a life enters into it is one of the most magical things that I have ever had the chance to do. It means the world to me that on a day where so many women feel so exposed that they would choose to share it with me. Because I feel like these images are SO important… and I am looking for the NEXT person who books a birth session with me (and is willing to let me share their story)….

If you are planning on booking a birth session with me (remember I can only take a very limited number of due dates per month because I have to be on call)… you will get your newborn session fee waived!

Remember this is only available to the next person who books a birth session and you must be willing to allow me to share some of the images from your session. 🙂

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